How To Attract More Pregnant Women In Rural Africa To Visit The Clinic Early In Their Pregnancy

Due to varying reasons like fear, or poor education or lack of finances, pregnant women in rural Africa areas opt to not go to the clinic until they are in labor. They prefer being seen by a traditional healer then a clinical doctor.

A group of Canadian doctors are trying to change that,they are trying to attract rural African mothers to visit the clinic early in their pregnancy. They are doing this by offering ultrasounds advertised on local radio with the words: “You will be able to see your baby.”

They noticed that when free ultra sounds were being advertised, it attracted more pregnant women to visit the clinic compared to other places where no ultra sounds were being offered.

When the pregnant mother is able to make it to the clinic they are able to see their unborn baby, as well as be tested for H.I.V, and high blood pressure, and they are able to be given vitamins like folic acid and iron.

The ultrasound scanners are battery-powered, and can do 40 scans per charge. New scanners cost $10,000 while used scanners cost $2,500. The group hopes to test inexpensive new scanners that plug directly into smartphones, and a technician can view the fetus on the phone and send the image to a radiologist anywhere in the world.

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